Use & Excise Tax

Use Tax

Parker has a use tax on construction materials, equipment used in construction and motor vehicles and does not have a consumers use tax. In general, use tax on construction materials is collected when a building permit is issued. For projects not requiring a permit, use tax on construction materials is paid on the tax return form. Use tax on motor vehicles is collected and then forwarded to Douglas County for all vehicles purchased by residents who live in Parker and by businesses located within the Town.

The Town's use tax rate is 3%. For additional information on use tax, please visit the Sales Tax Administration.

Excise Tax

Excise Tax is paid by the builder at the time a building permit is issued for a new residence or commercial structure. The fees are used to pay for capital projects, such as street improvements or parks that are needed for the new residents moving into the Town. The fees are only used for capital items and not to fund regular operations.

The following fees are in effect and are updated for inflation each November.

Residential Construction - 2017 Rates

  • Single Family $4,687
  • Apartment Dwelling $3,397
  • Townhomes & Condos $3,749

Non-residential Construction (Commercial) - 2017 Rates

  • $0.35 per square foot

Use and Excise Tax  
Graph of 2017 Excise Tax Revenue