Cherry Creek at KOA Project

Project Update

The Cherry Creek at KOA stream restoration project is scheduled to began in December 2020.

About this Project

The Cherry Creek at KOA stream restoration project is joint venture between the Town of Parker, the Mile High Flood District and the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority to stabilize an eroded reach of Cherry Creek between the McCabe Meadows trailhead and the KOA Tower property.

Currently, this section of Cherry Creek is seeing extensive downcutting, which leaves unstable vertical banks, reduces the riparian habitat and transports excessive sediment to the Cherry Creek reservoir. The improvements to Cherry Creek will consist of a holistic approach to stream stabilization, which provides both extensive rock armoring for larger storm events and selectively located wetland vegetation for resiliency to increasing base flows.

The proposed channel bed will be raised from its current incised location and will reconnect the riparian corridor to the natural water table. A portion of Cherry Creek within the project reach will be realigned to protect existing trees and vegetation along the eastern bank, as well as provide improved flood conveyance. While still receiving some flows, the old alignment will be enhanced to provide additional wetland habitat.

This project will proceed through the winter months. Substantial completion will be achieved by Spring 2021, and revegetation monitoring and enhancements will continue through the following several growing seasons.

Project Sponsors

Cherry Creek at KOA Project Partners

Project Partners

Cherry Creek at KOA Project Sponsors

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Cherry Creek at KOA Project Map

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If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact the Town of Parker Engineering and Public Works Department at 303.840.9546.

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