Downtown Parking Study and Plan

Project Update (Oct. 4, 2018)


The project team has just completed new parking regulations for the Greater Downtown District and five Centers (Historic, Pikes Peak, Town, Twenty-Mile, and Market Centers). The new parking regulations were developed based on the recommendations from the Town’s Downtown Parking Study and the Mainstreet Master Plan and community input. The parking regulations will be applied as follows: 

Areas East of Parker Road 
(applies to the Town Center, Pikes Peak and Historic Centers) 

  • New parking requirements for the Greater Downtown District Centers including minimum and maximum parking standards for new development
  • Parking exemptions for new development that is 3,500 square feet or less

Areas West of Parker Road 
(applies to the Town Center, Market and Twenty-Mile Centers)

  • Allows parking reductions for mixed use developments using industry standards to reduce parking (with two or more land uses)
  • Allows for special parking studies for site-specific parking analysis to determine parking demands 
  • Limited parking credits and reductions will be permitted based on walking, biking and transit availability and proximity to a site


  • Parking ratios will be calculated based on Net Leasable Area (NLA) for non-residential developments
  • Updated off-site shared parking requirements and updated shared parking agreement

Next Steps

The new parking regulations will replace the existing standards from Parker’s Land Development Ordinance, Section 13.06.050 Off-Street Parking and Internal Circulation. Public hearings will be held this fall before the Planning Commission and Town Council for adoption of the new parking regulations. 

Project Update (April 25, 2018):

Update the Greater Downtown District Parking Standards

Kimley-Horn is assisting Town staff outline new parking regulations for the Greater Downtown District and five Centers (Historic, Pikes Peak, Town, Twenty-Mile, and Market Centers). The consultant has conducted stakeholder interviews with business organizations, developers and property/business owners within Downtown to gain their insights and perspectives for this effort. The project team is currently working on drafting these new parking standards and updating the Municipal Code. A final draft is projected to be complete by the end of the third-quarter 2018.

Two-Hour Time-Limited Parking Program

Parker’s Two-Hour Parking Program was implemented in May 2017 to help increase parking turnover and utilization of key parking spaces in the Downtown area. A parking analysis was conducted in August of 2017 to determine the impacts of the two-hour parking program. The 2017 parking analysis results demonstrated that the two-hour parking program has been a positive tool for the Town in managing Downtown parking resources.

Below are the results of the Two-Hour Parking Program analysis:

On-Street Parking 

  • Higher on-street parking turnover in 2017 than 2016. Average parking occupancy dropped from 33% in 2016 to 25% in 2017.
  • Average length of stay for vehicles within two-hour time-limited parking spaces dropped from 114 minutes to 75 minutes per vehicle.
  • The percentage of vehicles parking longer than two hours dropped from 19% in 2016 to 7% in 2017.
  • The most challenged blocks exceeding 85% parking occupancy continue to be:
  1. Mainstreet between Victorian Drive (west) and Pikes Peak Drive
  2. Mainstreet between Pikes Peak Drive and Victorian Drive (east)

The results showed that there was not a need to change the current two-hour time-limited parking program at this time.

Off-Street Parking

  • The rate of off-street parking (parking in public parking lots) utilization between 2016 and 2017 was essentially the same.
  • Combined occupancy rates for on-street and off-street parking indicate a general underutilization of existing public parking in Downtown.
  • Continued monitoring of off-street parking lots in key areas as new development or facility renovations in the area may affect usage.
  • The study further found that there was not an immediate need to implement a four-hour parking program on any of the off-street parking lots.

Please watch for additional updates and information regarding these projects.

Two-Hour Parking Program Summary

In March 2017, Town Council approved the implementation of a two-hour time-limited parking program in certain areas of Downtown Parker as outlined below:

  • Time-managed parking with two-hour limits on certain downtown streets including Mainstreet, Pikes Peak Drive and Pikes Peak Avenue
  • Effective Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Full details about the new time-managed parking limits in downtown Parker can be found in our printable brochure (PDF).

Background Information

In May 2017, Town Council adopted Parker’s Downtown Parking Plan and Study. The study examined parking issues in the Greater Downtown area, and identified parking strategies and recommendations that will help the Town more actively manage current parking and effectively plan for future parking needs. Recommendations of the study are focused on ensuring that current parking assets are well-utilized and actively managed following an incremental and pragmatic approach.

To review a copy of the Downtown Parking Plan and Study, please see the “Key Documents” section of this page.

Key Documents

Additional Information


For more information on the Downtown Parking Study, please contact Carolyn Washee-Freeland at 303.841.2332 or by email.

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