Sales Tax Division

  • The Town of Parker has been collecting its own sales tax since 2003. Directly receiving sales tax dollars promotes the highest level of service in areas such as public works, parks, recreation and other community services.

We work hard to be good partners with all companies conducting business in our community and hope to assist your business in any way we can. Current sales and use tax rates for the Town of Parker can be found here.

Sales and Use Tax Code

View our Sales and Use Tax Code here.

Responsibilities & Objectives

The Sales Tax Division is responsible for the administration, collection and enforcement of the Town's sales tax. The objectives of the program are to ensure that all appropriate taxes are properly collected and remitted by businesses and to educate and inform businesses and others about the Town's tax laws and requirements.

Businesses That Collect Sales Tax

Businesses that collect or are required to collect Town of Parker sales tax must have a Town of Parker Business / Sales Tax License and are required to comply with the Town's sales and use tax code. Any changes to the state code or state regulations after July 1, 2003 generally do not apply to the Town of Parker.

Businesses That Do Not Collect Sales Tax 

Businesses that are not required to collect Town of Parker sales tax but are engaged in business in the Town must have a Town of Parker Business/Sales Tax License. A Business and Tax License Application is available online.


Questions about licensing should be directed to the following:
  • Sales Tax Division
    Ph: 303.805.3228
    Fx: 303.805.3219

Quarterly Sales Tax Seminars

Learn about our quarterly Sales Tax Seminars.

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