Verify Town of Parker Address

Verifying an address for sales tax purposes can be valuable to both you and your customer. Businesses are liable to the Town for underpayments resulting from improper collection. The Town of Parker determines if an address is located within the Town according to the Douglas County Assessor. To verify if you or your customer's address is in the Town of Parker, continue to the Douglas County Assessor website and follow the instructions.

Assessor Web Page Instructions

  1. Under the Property Search, enter your street number and click Search.
  2. Locate and click on the Account # that applies to your address.
  3. Click on the Tax Authorities tab. If there is a "Town of Parker" entry listed in the Authority Name column then that address is within Town limits.

Important Information Regarding Recent Annexations

The Douglas County Assessor does not update Tax Authorities for land recently annexed by the Town of Parker until September of the calendar year following the annexation.

Example: Land annexed in March 2018 will not list Town of Parker as a taxing authority until September 2018. This land will show as being within Town limits on the Assessor's maps prior to Town of Parker being listed as a taxing authority.