Community Event Permits

The Town of Parker Municipal Code, Chapter 10.08, requires that a Community Event Permit must be obtained from the Town before any group or individual can conduct an organized event on, or directly impacting, Town property or roadways within Town limits. An organized event is defined as any parade, rally of any group of ten (10) or more persons, block party of any group of ten (10) or more persons, or community event of one hundred (100) or more persons in or upon public property and rights-of-way, or upon privately owned property where the event is likely to impact the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on public property or rights-of-way. Parades for commercial purposes are not permitted. It is the Town's policy to regulate events involving the use of, or impact to, Town property, public facilities, sidewalks or roadways in the interests of public safety, loss control, and limiting liability. 

An application for a permit may be filed NO MORE THAN 9 MONTHS before the event, but shall be received NO LATER THAN FORTY-FIVE (45) DAYS BEFORE the actual event date to ensure adequate review time by Town staff and outside agencies, unless otherwise approved by the Town Administrator’s office. Apply for a Community Event Permit .

Rentals involving parks and related facilities, the Schoolhouse or Parker Arts, Cultural and Events (PACE) Center are in addition to the Community Event Permit Application Process. Parks and facility rentals are made on a first-come, first-served basis and should be made as far in advance of the event rental as possible. Please contact the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department at 303.805.6311 or visit the Parks and Recreation website for reservation information regarding parks and trails. For rental of the Schoolhouse or PACE, please contact the Cultural Department at 303.805.6800 or visit the Parker Arts website.

The Community Event Permit does not apply to such activities as family reunions, picnics, outings, and other similar daily and routine individual, or family leisure and recreational uses, unless the proposed activities will impact the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

View the Town of Parker's Community Event Permit Fee Summary

It is the Town’s goal to assist event organizers in planning safe and successful events that create a minimal impact on the Town’s resources and facilities. We hope that you find these instructions helpful in completing the application. For more detailed information, please view the Community Event Permit Guide.