Public Transportation

There are a variety of public transportation options available in Parker. Most of the Town of Parker is within the Regional Transportation District (RTD). Local RTD routes serving the Town of Parker include:

  • Parker FlexRide: Provides local curb to curb bus service in limited areas of Parker.
  • Route P: (Parker / Denver): Provides commuter service to downtown Denver.
    Route P Service Suspended by RTD Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19
  • Route 483: (Parker Road / Lincoln Ave): Provides commuter service to the Lincoln Light Rail station and the Nine Mail Light Rail Station in Aurora. This new route replaced both Route 410 and Route 153.
    Route 483 Service Suspended by RTD Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19
  • Access-a-Ride: Provides service to residents with disabilities; pick-up locations are limited to locations within ¾ mile of a fixed route.
  • Park-n-Ride: Lincoln and Jordan Park-n-Ride map or Downtown Parker Park-n-Ride map

For more information about any of the RTD services mentioned above, please visit the RTD website or call 303.299.6000. View a map of transportation options in Parker here.

Douglas County Transit Solutions (DCTS) provides links to other available transit services for Douglas County residents.

The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council developed the Getting There Guide, which is intended to bridge the transportation gap for citizens with limited mobility. The guide lists transit providers, service areas, availability, costs and more. To view the Getting There Guide, visit their website or call 303.861.3711.